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On Monday 13th March 2017, GHACMA organized a 5-Day skills-based training on Conflict Management & Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR] For National Fisheries Association of Ghana (NAFAG)

The training was held at Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT Near Parliament House, Accra and was attended by 41 traineese.

By the end of the training, the participants were able to:

  • Identify the nature and dynamics of conflicts and its resolution
  • Understand the concepts and efficacy of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms
  • Acquire the necessary skills required to facilitate a negotiation process to achieve effective mediation
  • Appreciate the technicalities involved in the mediation process
  • Apply the professional ethical standards required by mediators when mediating
  • Acquire the skills needed to properly draft mediation and settlement agreements
  • Enhance their role as Leaders in mediating disputes
  • Differentiate between mediation and arbitration processes.

At the end of the training program on Friday 17th March, each trainee was given a certificate of participation.

Mr Justice Emile Short, the president of GHACMA climaxed the training program with heartwarming encouragement that the trainees apply the knowledge from the 5-day event and to benefit themselves and the nation at large.


  • ↠ Prof. Kofi Quashigah, was both Dean of the School of Law, University of Ghana, Legon and President of GHACMA until 2016
  • ↠ Dr. Enyonam Kudonoo, Lecturer Ashesi University College, Brekuso, E/R & Vice President of GHACMA
  • ↠ Ms. Georgette Francois, Senior Legal Practitioner/ADR Consultant & a former Vice President of GHACMA
  • ↠ Martin C. Nwosu, Esq. Private Legal/ADR Practitioner, Lecturer – Ghana School of Law & General Secretary of GHACMA